At the heart of the ballet is a story about the love of dance and life itself. The plot begins thousands of years ago, in the great era of caravans traveling through Central Asia along the Great Silk Road. In the heat of the desert, to the songs of shamans, Love awakens and the immortal Soul begins its eternal dance. A fantastic journey from the past to the future is the story of the Soul, which embodies centuries-old traditions and folk temperament, and Love, which follows it through all eras. The history of the people, the memory of ancestors, the voices of spirits - in each act of the ballet the connection between times becomes stronger, so that in the finale Soul and Love become an indivisible whole.

An international team consisting of outstanding artists of our time worked on the ballet. The music is by composer Davidson Giaconello, and the stunning sets and lighting effects are by world-renowned Japanese multimedia artist Yoko Seyama. The author of the libretto and choreographer is Raoul Raimondo Rebeck, the famous German dancer, choreographer of the Dortmund Ballet and artistic director of the NRW Junior Ballet. From 1987 to 2008 he was leading soloist at the Berlin State Opera and the Deutsche Oper and Ballet Aalto Theater in Essen, receiving prestigious international awards including the Prix de Lausanne. He has worked with many stars of the world stage, from William Forsythe and Jiri Kylian to Maurice Bejart, Rudolf Nureyev and Roland Petit. As a choreographer and choreographer, he collaborated with groups from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Monaco, USA, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. Thus, his productions graced the repertoires of theaters in Dortmund, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Karlsruhe, New York, Seoul and Astana.

The stunning choreography of Raul Raimondo Rebeck, combining traditional ancient dance with elements of classical ballet, will present to the audience all the luxury of the East and the magic of the Great Silk Road. The combination of color and sensuality, tradition and modernity, fiery energy and deep symbolism has already become a sensation in the world of choreography. The charm of the unique dance and the mesmerizing sound of folk musical instruments, the incredible lighting score and the latest stage technologies, as well as, of course, the brilliant performance of the National Ballet of Uzbekistan will not leave anyone indifferent!

“Lazgi. Dance of Soul and Love" is an exciting celebration of the senses! Do not miss!

The author of the idea is Saida Mirziyoyeva

Project Manager – Gayane Umerova

Libretto and choreography – Raimondo Rebeck

Scenography – Yoko Seyama

Costume designer – Frol Burimsky

Musical arrangement and composition – Davidson Jaconello

Lighting Designer: Tim Watzlavek

Consultants – Gulnora Musaeva and Gavkhar Matyakubova