Required experience: 3-6 years

Full-time employment


– Public performances in Uzbek and Russian on behalf of the Fund in front of the press. Interviews for national television, moderation of the Fund's press conferences, and meetings with journalists and bloggers in the format of a briefing are possible

– Coordinating the work of the Marketing and Communications Department with all other departments of the Fund. Each project of the Fund should have a detailed media plan with a list of tasks and responsible performers for each task

– Coordination of work within the Marketing and Communication Department and coordination of all communication materials with the Fund's management on a weekly basis

– Preparation of press releases and other official messages on behalf of the Fund in Russian and Uzbek languages

– Business correspondence in English with media representatives, journalists, and editors, including foreign ones. Coordinating all communications with the Fund's pool of authors

– Regular updating of the Fund's websites; drafting, editing and publishing materials.


– Higher education

– Fluent Uzbek and Russian languages

– English at the level of business written communication and above

– Experience in the field of culture or marketing for at least 3 years


Career opportunities:
The Art and Culture Development Foundation under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the initiator and organizer of key projects in this area – on a national scale and throughout the Central Asian region. The work of the Fund's Marketing and Communication Department should become a role model for all cultural institutions in the country. Career growth is possible within the Fund or within new institutions and projects initiated by the Fund


Terms and conditions:

– Registration by LC
– Standard working hours from 9-00 to 18-00
– Office in the center of Tashkent
– Competitive salary
– Possible business trips around the country and the world


Please send your CV to or on telegram HR: @GULI1606